Sunday Evening Prayer

fall water at dusk.jpg

God Our Guardian,

You know, car commercials don’t usually make me get all sappy.

But that one that’s been on lately-

that one that talks about how even though life changes

the road back home doesn’t-

geez, it gets me every time.


Here’s the thing, God-

this Thanksgiving week is going be great for some of us,

and definitely not-so-great for others of us.

Some of us will sit amidst loving family-

the football game on,

the smell of turkey and stuffing wafting through the air.

Some of us will enjoy the company of friends-

laughing, drinking wine, eating pumpkin pie.

But still others of us will spend this Thanksgiving

in a hospital room,

or a skilled nursing facility,

or a prison cell,

or all alone.

Broken relationships might feel all the more broken,

regrets might sting all the more.

We remember past years,

happier times.

We might dread the start of a holiday season that’s going to be a rough one.


Yep, life changes.  No two years are the same.

But navigate the way forward,

show us the road that leads to home.

Again and again, faithful Guardian,

show us the way home.



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