Still Waiting…


But when the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son, born of a woman… so that we might receive adoption as children. ~ Galatians 4:4-5

The longer I live, the more I understand two things: life involves a lot of waiting, and I really dislike waiting.

Waiting for the traffic light to turn green,

waiting in line at the grocery store,

waiting for an answer,

waiting for the test results,

waiting for a resolution.

Waiting for little things.  And big things.  And in-between things.

Waiting for it to get better… waiting for it to fall apart… waiting for the next chapter.

Waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting some more.

How ironic it is, then, how much I love the Christian faith.  Because so much of the Christian story is about waiting… waiting for a Savior to come, waiting for him to come back again.  Waiting for that same Savior to heal everything that’s broken, and distorted, and just plain wrong.  To follow Jesus is to embrace a hope that’s here as a glimmer, and yet not here in its entirety.  It’s to sink back with resignation… even as you keep leaning forward with anticipation.

In the fullness of time, God sent us Jesus.  In the fullness of time, it all changed.  And, in the fullness of time, it will all change again.

Let’s pray together:

God of the Beginning and the End… and Every Time In-Between,

Your sense of time is so different from mine, and that really bugs me.  Please soothe my ruffled feathers, please teach me what it is to wait with intention.  As much as I resist, help me to savor each moment of time… not just wish the moments away.  Amen.





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